Who Are We?

a heartTake Heart for the Nations Ltd is a registered charity in Scotland (Number SCO42193) and is an organisation which was established as a result of compassion for people throughout the world who are suffering from the results of many diverse events.

Take Heart is the message which we want to take to those who need encouragement, but we don’t want to use mere words. Out of the hearts of the people of Freedom City Church and the people of Cumbernauld and the surrounding areas, we want to give and to build.

What are our aims?

We aim to address the issues of hardship and suffering both locally and overseas in specific ways to suit the various needs as they arise. This will allow us to target the need and to organise more efficiently and effectively in directing the help where it is most needed. Also, it will allow us to involve the local community and surrounding areas, and to mobilise all those who are enthusiastic and committed to this work.

How do we do it?

Take Heart is manned and staffed by unpaid volunteers, and your donations go to serve the people in need, to build a legacy which shows the hearts of those who give what they can.