£1000 Challenge

Are you up for a challenge?

£20 notes fluttering through the air to land in a neat stack

If you are, let us give you a challenge.

It's not just any old challenge.

It's a challenge which will change your life because it helps to change the lives of so many other people!

It's a challenge to raise £1000 for our hospital project in Haiti.

It's not an easy challenge.

It is an achievable challenge.

It's a challenge which has already been taken up by others.

It's a challenge which has already been met by some!

You can raise the cash anyway you like - as long as it's legal! You can involve as many people as you like.

All that we ask is that you let us know that you are going to take the challenge up. Tell us how you are going to do it. We will give you the publicity on our website and in other material.

If you would like to take up the challenge, please tell us about it.

Donate Online

You can now donate safely online to Take Heart for Haiti using PayPal. Just click the Donate button to begin.


Help us reach our target

target heart showing how much we have received