New Guesthouse

Architect's plan of the guesthouseThe existing guesthouse at the Wesleyan Compound on La Gonave , Haiti served its purpose well but it has now come to the end of its usable life as it was sited on land that had been identified as the building ground for the new Wesleyan Hospital for La Gonave .

The proposed new 44 bed guesthouse will have dorm rooms of 6 like the existing guesthouse and also 4 two-bed ensuite rooms to allow married couples privacy or those requiring a room to themselves that option. The larger capacity will facilitate more and larger teams to work at projects on the island and also large medical teams to visit and assist in training the Haitian medical workers. The dining room will double up as a training room with projector and screen to allow a professional environment for training sessions. Without the 44 bed capacity it would be very difficult to host the number of workers that will be required to construct the new hospital.