Fiona's Story

Ben Nevis from the base

When the church first started fund raising for Haiti it didn’t really affect me one way or the other but God really softened my heart towards them and their situation. So much that I was wondering what I could do to help. When Jackie had the idea of doing a 10K walk I was interested and signed up for it. Then a chance conversation one Sunday when she said she was going to climb Ben Nevis, something I had always wanted to do. When she said I could join her I jumped at the chance to do something I had always wanted to do and raise money for charity at the same time.

I had already climbed a couple of Munroes and was up for another adventure.

The climb was harder than I thought, would rather climb Ben Lomond in the snow again than Ben Nevis again.

Man and woman starting the climb

I was amazed to learn that some people do time trials on the Ben and actually run up and down to see how fast they can do it. Had a couple of people run past us and even saw one guy walking down as we were heading up with no shoes on!! At first I thought I was seeing things, surely he had tan coloured boots on that I was mistaking for his feet, but no he had bare feet and not a scratch on them!!!

About quarter of the way up we got talking to a family: Mum, Dad and teenage son who were climbing the Ben to raise money for a hospital that specialises in transplants. Near the summit we got talking to the son again said his Dad had headed back down but he and his Mum were ok and were glad to make the summit.

View of mountain

The climb was soooo steep, although there’s a path all the way to the top, it’s made of boulders and very sore on the feet. The path winds up the mountain rather than going straight up the side, it even goes onto another mountain then back onto the Ben. We passed what must be the highest Loch in Scotland and the scenery was amazing. At the summit we walked into cloud. Never experienced anything like it. It’s not like rain – the moisture in the atmosphere is all around but not really falling, really amazing.

The walk back down was hard going, it had started to rain and visibilty was restricted. We slowly picked our way down.

So glad to make the bottom!

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