Karting & Zorbing with Karen

Karen, covered in mudAfter talking to some friends who were going go-karting, I was inspired to try and arrange a day karting to raise money for Haiti. I contacted Janet at Madtrax Mayhem in Cumbernauld who very kindly offered outdoor karting and zorbing at a very reduced rate so we could raise money for this very worthwhile charity. Janet was also having a fundraiser on the same day, raising money for different missions that the Church of God support.

We managed to get a group of about 25 people together for the karting and 8 brave people took up the zorbing challenge. For anyone who is not familiar with zorbing its kind of like a big inflatable hamster ball for humans to be strapped inside and then get rolled down a hill!

The event took place on Monday 7th May and it was a lovely, typically ‘Scottish’ day (wet!), but that didn’t dampen any of our adrenaline seeking spirits. Everyone who took part had a great day, we all got very wet, very muddy, but had a lot of fun. If you have not tried outdoor karting, I would highly recommend it. Even in the rain, Archie and Caroline Ross took it upon themselves to provide a BBQ with some great burgers and other goodies to keep us all going !

Each karting participant had 6 laps of the track and 4 went on at a time. Times were recorded and the 4 overall fastest times went into a final. The final consisted of :- Tomasz Nawarecki (from IBI), James Brannan (from Freedom City Church), J.J Murray(from Freedom City Church) and Ricky Reid (from Church of God). The final was a close drawn race :

  • 1st place James Brannan
  • 2nd place Ricky Reid
  • 3rd place J.J Murray
  • 4th place Tomasz Nawarecki

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